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Pancreas Cancer

Latest issue Life Extension periodical (December 2016) discussed about pancreas cancer prevention. Steve Job, Founder of Apples computer and i-Phone died of cancer pancreas. Cancer pancreas prevention is still the best treatment because there are no effective or no curative treatment for cancer pancreas except few case report with integrative medicine. It is of interest to highlight the benefit of Magnesium for pancreas cancer prevention.

This following adopted from Life Extension periodical December 2016 issue. The article written by Willian Falloon, MD.

Magnesium as prevention

Scientists recognize magnesium mostly as it relates to protection against cardiovascular disorders. Higher magnesium intake is associated with reduced risks of sudden cardiac death,1-3 stroke,4-6 type II diabetes,7-9 asthma,10 metabolic syndrome,11,12 heart disease,13,14 hypertension,15-19 and osteoporosis.20,21

What few publications discuss are findings showing cancer risk reductions in those who ingest higher amounts of magnesium.22-24

The totality of evidence supporting magnesium’s systemic benefits may soon transform this mineral into the next vitamin D as far as widespread public use is concerned.

Before the sun sets today, about 145 Americans will learn they have pancreatic cancer.25It will likely be the worst day of their lives.

There are no “good” treatment options. The newly diagnosed cancer patient faces a litany of “bad” choices that are unlikely to be curative, but will inflict horrific side effects.

This malignancy that kills more than 40,000 Americans every year.25

Until a treatment breakthrough emerges, the best way to avoid becoming a casualty of pancreatic cancer is to not develop it in the first place.

Higher Magnesium Intake Lowers Pancreatic Cancer Risk

A landmark study meticulously evaluated data from a large group of adults and found that a modest increase in assessed magnesium intake from a combination of diet and supplements resulted in profound reductions in pancreatic cancer risk.35

What struck us about this study’s findings is that it did not require a large amount of additional magnesium to produce a meaningful reduction in pancreatic cancer risk.

Researchers found that pancreatic cancer risk increased by 24% for every 100 mg decrease in magnesium intake below the recommended daily allowance (RDA). For example, an individual with a daily magnesium intake of 200 mg has a 24% increased risk of pancreatic cancer compared to a person who ingests 300 mg a day. Both of these intakes (200 mg and 300 mg a day) of magnesium are considered deficient.

Those who ingested 75%99% of the government’s RDA for magnesium (sub-optimal intake) had a 42% greater risk of pancreatic cancer incidence compared with those ingesting greater than or equal to 100% of the magnesium RDA.

Those who ingested less than 75% of the government’s RDA for magnesium (deficient intake) had a striking 76%greater risk of pancreatic cancer incidence compared to those whose intake of magnesium was equal to or greater than the government’s (optimal intake) RDA.

When analyzing those who met or exceeded the government’s RDA for total magnesium intake, only those who took dietary supplements containing magnesium were able to consistently achieve the benefits.

Prior Studies on Magnesium and Pancreatic Cancer

This study showed a 33% reduced pancreatic cancer risk in overweight men whose average daily magnesium intake was 423 mg compared to 281 mg.40 Another study showed that for each 100 mg increase in magnesium intake amongst overweight men, there was a 21% decreased risk.392

Once again, a relatively small amount of magnesium supplementation would have placed all these men into the higher protective category.

Since the majority of aging men are overweight, this finding has significant public health implications.41
These findings corroborate the 2015 report showing only a small increase in ingested magnesium significantly reduces pancreatic cancer risk.