Patient Testimonials

Genuine testimonial from our patients through various kind of treatments according to their medical conditions

Disclaimer : Testimonies below are our patients that have undergone our integrative treatment for their problem. However, results may vary depends on initial condition and health of the patient.

  • M.Sajeb , Weight Loss Program

  • In 2008 I had severe chest pain, no less than 10 times in one day. The chest pain exacerbated by even minimal exertion or at rest without warning. Angiogram procedure confirmed the blockage at five places of three coronary arteries, 99%, 100%, 80%, 90%, 80%. (Refer to the sketch by cardiologist). Resting ECG showed I failed at six out of twelve leads ECG. I had no option but open heart surgery. However I refused because I believed that I may die during or right after operation. I heard about chelation therapy and EECP and underwent the recommended number of treatment at Impian Emas Medical Centre. I had tremendous improvement whereby I had so much reduce frequency and severity of angina right after first treatment and continue to improve day by day. My ECG was normalized and three months after completed the course I did Cardio-Cartho-Graph(CCG), a non-invasive test. The result surprised me and all my family, my narrowing were only 3.9%, 2.1% and 4.3%. (Refer to the result below). I feel like I got new life and there are chance for a second life. I am able to do light and medium exertion exercise, form unable to walk more than 50 feet, I can walk for miles and can climb multi-stories stairs. It’s been 5 years (at the time of the writing) that I by-passed the by-pass surgery.

    H.S. , Chelation Therapy and EECP

  • I had myocardial infarction in 1999 about five months earlier before chelation therapy started. There was very troublesome unstable angina where i had chest pain more than twenty times daily. Angiogram at IJN confirmed that i had three vessels blocked, 90%, 95% and 100%. i had no other option except coronary artery by-pass graft or what we used to say open heart surgical by-pass. Following chelation therapy i was symptom free angina for seven years and able to do heavy manual work, even i tried jogging and there was no chest pain. In the year 2015, at the age of 91 year old i still alive and relatively well without open heart by-pass and no angioplasty that was required 15 years earlier.

    Abdullah Hj Saleh , Chelation Therapy

  • In the middle of 2002 I had few episodes of chest pain associated with choking sensation and shortness of breath. ECG was done and I was told to have heart disease. I was urgently transferred to University Hospital with ambulance and warded in ICU for 5 days. Angiogram showed three of my coronary arteries were severely blocked and required open heart surgery. While waiting for open heart by-pass in two months time I underwent chelation therapy. There was tremendous improvement. No more chest pain or tightness of the chest even when I running up 5 storey building. In April 2013, 10 years later I still didn’t need open heart surgery or angioplasty and I am still fit and well with no physical restriction. For 11 years I by-passed the by-pass surgery.

    Illias Ismail , Chelation Therapy

  • In March 2003, I had episodes of light-headedness and tight chest, stress test was done but inconclusive. Angiogram was done at a University Hospital, there were four coronary arteries blocked, 50%, 90%, 75% and 52%. I was planned for open heart surgery or coronary artery by-pass graft at IJN and waiting list was three months. While waiting for open heart by-pass I underwent 20 sessions chelation therapy. There was tremendous improvement in my physical endurance and no more tightness of chest on exertion. Repeat test for my heart in October 2003 showed only reduce flow by 1%, 2.5% and 3%. 10 years later, April 2013, my heart still in very good conditions. For 10 years I by-passed the by-pass surgery.

    Rusli Zakaria , Chelation Therapy

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