The had myocardial infarction in 1999 about five months earlier before chelation therapy started. He had unstable angina where he had chest pain more than twenty times daily, any time without warning. Angiogram at National Heart Institute (IJN) confirmed that he had three vessels blocked, 75%, 90%, 95% and 100%. He left with no other option except coronary artery by-pass graft. After first session of intravenous chelation therapy he had no angina for six days whereas there was no less than twenty times daily before that. After six days chest pain return but of so much less frequency and severity to once in few days. Chelation therapy was completed twenty times but he still experienced angina even though reduce frequency and severity further. Chelation therapy was continued another 10 sessions to the total of 30 times. After completed 30 times he tried jogging, to his surprised there was no chest pain. He was symptom free angina for seven or eight years and able to do heavy manual work (he tap rubber 2 acres daily) and able to carry heavy things without angina. In the year 2008 the angina returned and he was treated with another course of chelation therapy. He responded well with significant reduction in angina pectoris although the last few years there was on and off chest pain relieved with one or half-tablet of GTN. At the time of this writing he was still relatively well with not so much physical restriction at the age of 89 year old without open heart by-pass or angioplasty that was required 13 years earlier.

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