Example of anti-oxidant enzymes are Superoxide Dismutase, Gluthathione peroxidase and Catalase. All these enzymes require mineral or minerals as co-factor to activate the enzymes but the minerals can be blocked by the very strong positive charge of heavy metals. Therefore there is very strong scientific basis for EDTA chelation therapy as an antioxidant effect by removing heavy metals and redistribute minerals. EDTA is very strong negative charge on the surface of the molecule, the molecular structure of which is like a claw. EDTA will bind heavy metals like a very strong magnet. Fe3+ will also be removed from the blood vessels walls, or reduce to Fe2+ when EDTA dropped the iron in order to pick-up heavy metals when it encounters one.

With each chelation treatment, free radical generating metal ions such as iron are cleanse from the blood stream and cells of the artery wall. Thus the amount of damaging free radical greatly diminished and healing processes are able to take place in the injured arterial walls.

EDTA cleanse pollution from the body then leave the body through the kidneys as waste material. Fifty percent of EDTA leaves the body by 6 hours and completely cleared within 24 hours. All of the EDTA leave the body (radio-isotope tagging study) carrying with it significant amount of waste materials that were polluting the body with damaging free radicals. The cells then left with cleaner and healthier state and then enable to heal itself from free radical damage.


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