This cancer care section meant for education on cancer treatment, how cancer is treated differently especially in integrative medicine all over the world.

There are many new ideas and approaches for cancer treatment beside chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

As we all know, chemotherapy does not produce the satisfactory outcome.

We are not against chemotherapy. No doubt, it can help in some selected cancer cases.

Chemotherapy is destructive to the immune system, therefore, we believe some additional treatment still required in order to restore the immune system.

The idea for cancer treatment is immune restoration.

Selected supportive cancer treatments and supplementation with anti-cancer properties are also discussed here.

The treatments are not necessarily available at Impian Emas Medical Centre. They are meant for information only to those who looking for how cancer is treated differently.


Some of the treatments for cancer are :

  1. GcMAF Therapy
  2. Dendritic Cell
  3. Local or Regional Hyperthermia
  4. TotalĀ or Whole Body Hyperthermia
  5. Mega Dose Ascorbate
  6. Amygdalin (B17)