In the Cardiology textbook entitled “Cardiovascular Drug Therapy”, second edition edited by M.H. Misserli, a chapter dedicated to EDTA chelation therapy included in the textbook. Written by re-known scientist Dr Martin Ruben, Emeritus Professor of Georgetown University in Washington DC.
The textbook is considered one of the most authority and references in the field of cardiology and is being written by over 280 of the world’s top cardiologists and cardiac scientists. Because of this book extensive editorial review board, nothing gets into this text unless it is based on the best science the world has to offer. Because EDTA chelation therapy fit so squarely to the scientific understanding of atherosclerosis, a chapter on EDTA chelation therapy was printed in the latest edition. Written by renown scientist Dr Martin Ruben, Emeritus Professor of Georgetwon University in Washington DC. A chapter described in very clear terms that EDTA chelation therapy is a scientific and rationale treatment for circulatory disorders. Dr Ruben goes on to describe how EDTA chelation is safe and effective as a means to greatly reduce free radicals in the body, to reduce the risk of blood clots and to bring about a decalcification of atherosclerosis. His own research using ultra-fast CT or cardiac calcium scan has demonstrated that patients with severe coronary artery disease showing marked lessening of coronary atherosclerosis following a series of EDTA chelation.

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