Chelation Therapy Process
Patient undergoing intravenous chelation therapy

Intravenous Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is an approved treatment for heavy metal treatment. However, it is also effective in reversing atherosclerosis (big artery) and very good for arteriosclerosis (smaller arteries or capillaries). 

Not only that, chelation therapy can help to remove free radicals from the body. During a 20 session Chelation, free radicals are reduced by a million fold! As a result, the body is “given a chance” to repair itself.

Chelation therapy was heard by Committee for Government Reform under Senate of USA in 1998 following which USD29 million was disbursed for the first multiple centre, double-blind controlled study. The research was headed by Dr. Gervasio Lamas, carried out in over 150 centers all over North America.

Patients or subjects were aged 50 years or older and had an acute myocardial infarction (MI) at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment. The study looking at primary endpoint, the endpoint are: Death, MI, Stroke, Coronary revascularization or procedures to open the blocked arteries and Hospitalization for angina.

It also looking at secondary end-point that is composite of the primary endpoint.

Many quarters who are against this treatment happy because they believe it will be a nail in the coffin for this treatment.

However, the results surprised everybody because it is significant result for coronary artery disease and highly significant among diabetic with coronary artery disease.

The result is considered "star performance" in this subgroup.

Chelation therapy has strong basis since the accumulation of heavy metals is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Even accumulation of normal minerals are abnormally high in heart disease patient, such increased levels are toxic to cells, Reference

Chelation therapy is a treatment given intravenously over 2 ½ to 3 hours under the supervision of fully trained and licensed medical doctor. Chelation solution contains several important ingredients.

Main medicine for chelation therapy is EDTA “ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid’’, however, it is not a stand-alone medicine and must be mixed with few other ingredients with almost iso-osmolar or slightly hyper-osmolar to human plasma. Each ingredient is important and plays a role in the effectiveness of chelation treatment.


Main indication or diseases treated are :

  • coronary artery disease,
  • cerebral vascular disease,
  • peripheral vascular disease,
  • diabetic ulcers,
  • gangrene,
  • atherosclerosis anywhere,
  • scleroderma

and other age-related symptoms that related to blood vessels diseases.

However many other chronic degenerative diseases clinically response to the procedure.

See other indication for chelation therapy.

Other Benefits of Chelation Therapy

  • reduces blood cholesterol levels
  • causes high blood pressure to drop in 60 percent of the cases
  • reduces or relaxes excessive heart contractions
  • increases intracellular potassium 
  • reduces heart irritability
  • increases the removal of lead 
  • helps in removing calcium from atherosclerotic plaques
  • reduces serum iron and protects against iron poisoning and iron storage disease
  • reduces heart valve calcification and improves heart function
  • heals calcified necrotic ulcers
  • reduces the disabling effects of intermittent claudication
  • improve microcirculation 
  • decreases the risk of macular degeneration

Is Chelation Therapy Safe?

It is safe and effective. It is stated that chelation therapy probably safer than driving to a clinic.

EDTA is the safest and most powerful chelating drug in the market. It is used in all hospitals for treating poisoning by lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. since 40 years,

In the USA alone, over one million patients have been treated with EDTA. Excretion of EDTA-metal ions is mostly via the kidneys and 95% are passed out within a 24 hours period.

Chelation Therapy is among the safest of medical treatment. Over 800,000 patients have received over five million treatments in the USA alone by the year 1997. Currently, 1 million people undergoing treatment yearly since the year 2000.

Effectiveness of Chelation Therapy

The effectiveness of chelation therapy confirmed by multiple-center trial in a double-blind controlled study sponsored by USA government through NIH (National Insitute of Health).

So called TACT (Trial Access to Chelation Therapy) headed by Dr. Gervasio Lamas. The result published in American Cardiology Journal , Feb 2016 Publication.

Dr. Martin Ruben, Emeritus Professor of Georgetown University in Washington DC proved it is effective to induce decalcification in atherosclerotic plaque beside anti-coagulant and anti-oxidant effect of chelation therapy.

Is there any other means to induce decalcification? Basic mechanism or the science behind chelation therapy is easily understandable. Nevertheless there are so many beneficial effects the mechanism of which still poorly understood.

The whole world data consistently showed it is effective. Example of effectiveness are by Hancke C, Flytlie K. of Denmark and meta-analysis by L.T. Chappel  on benefits of EDTA chelation therapy on atherosclerosis.

Published studies show benefit for coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease and cerebral vascular disease. See other published study show positive - never negative. Including meta-analysis.

There may be some controversies with regard to chelation therapy. Nevertheless millions of people benefit from this treatment. Dr Elmer Cranton, stated: “study showed positive result…never negative” or there is strong evidence in favour of chelation therapy. There is increasing acceptance of this therapy all over the world.

Proven, before and after effect of chelation therapy. Copy from (2004) Dr Elmer. M. Cranton. Chelation therapy is not selective, whole body blood vessels will be refurbished.

The future of Chelation Therapy

What is the future of chelation therapy? Increasing number of physicians and scientists are coming to the conclusion that chelation therapy has tremendous potential in the treatment of atherosclerosis and many other disorders.

An excellent example of this increase acceptance is seen in a recent publication in a major cardiology textbook, a chapter dedicated to EDTA chelation therapy, written by renown scientist Dr Martin Ruben, Emeritus Professor of Medical School at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Peace Prize winner in chemistry endorsed and he wrote the foreword in the Textbook on EDTA chelation Therapy. Read his foreword.

Bestseller book on the left and chelation textbook

Medicine for Chelation Therapy

All medicine used are registered under Ministry of Health of Malaysia. It is perfectly legal. EDTA is not only FDA approved but also approved and licensed for sale by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. Any drug having approval by both FDA and the Ministry of Health can be used by a physician as his/her education and experience dictate.

Treatment Status

The treatment is considered an alternative treatment in many countries including USA, Canada and Malaysia but can only be carried out by a fully registered and licensed medical doctor. It is a state law in five states in USA that doctor has to talk about this treatment as an option of treatment for blood vessel disease.

FAQs on Chelation Therapy

EDTA “ethylene diamine tetracetic acid’’ is the safest and most powerful chelating drug in the market. It is used in all hospitals for treating poisoning by lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. since 40 years, In USA alone, over one million patients have been treated with EDTA. Excretion of EDTA-metal ions is mostly via the kidneys and 95% are passed out within a 24 hours period.

Chelation using EDTA removes toxic free radicals from the body to repair itself. Aside from reversing hardened arteries, the body has opportunities to grow thousands of miles of new vessels. The tremendous improvement in blood flow enables damaged organs including the heart, liver and kidneys to be repaired. Dystrophic calcium in arterial plaques are reduced and increased calcium deposition in the bone are recorded. Chelation therapy is probably the safest treatment for heart problems, kidney damages, early stroke, other degenerative diseases and post-menopausal problems in women. Numerous literature are now available on the Internet to educate the public on the wide range of benefits of Chelation – BUT must be at the right site!

Chelation therapy can be utilized along with other forms of therapy for arterial diseases (as well as other degenerative diseases). It is compatible with ‘’blood thinners’’, blood vessel dilators, medicine for hypertension, heart dysrhythmia, etc. After chelation, the need for drugs is usually diminished and sometimes can be gradually eliminated.

Bypass surgery is a mechanical repair of less than one foot of the arteries of the heart. On the other hand, Chelation allows the body to naturally grow thousands of miles of new blood vessels. Total cost of bypass surgeries vary between RM30,000 to RM60,000 and more expenses for the follow up drugs. Chelation offered through America Biologics and its medical associates in ACAM-Practice will cost only RM8,000 covering 10 weeks through the support of ACAM-Practice’s doctors. There is even a Program for the poor to provide subsidized for the needy who can benefit from Chelation but may not be able to afford the fill cost.

Chelation Therapy is among the safest of medical treatment. Over 800,000 patients have received over five million treatments in the USA alone by the year 1997. Currently 1 million people undergoing treatment yearly since the year 2000. Thousands of Chelation Centres are found world wide; In Malaysia since Chelation was started in 1989 by American Biologics, there are now at least 15 other centres operated by doctors outside the ACAM-Practice group. From the past 30 years of record keeping in USA on over 500,000 cases, not a case of death has occurred due specifically to Chelation Therapy. The same applies also to American Biologics in Malaysia. Side Effects are possible with any drug or treatment. This varies according to the ‘’Protocol’’ used for Chelation. American protocols when applied to Asian cases can produce vein irritation, pain, headache, fatigue, changes in blood pressure and blood sugar level. Based on hundreds of cases treated under American Biologics, a “Malaysian Protocol’’ has been established under ACAM-Practice. In over 99% of treated cases using the ACAM-Practice Protocol, symptoms such as fatigue, headache, vein irritation, etc are not seen. However, patient not consuming sufficient carbohydrate can suffer symptoms of low blood sugar and ‘’tightness’’ of the stomach. These harmless symptoms quickly disappear with consumption of sugared hot drinks.

If you have chest pain, leg pain on walking, discoloured feet or rapidly failing memory, see a doctor! If you are 40 years of age, with strong family history of heart disease, or are 50+, find out the status of your blood circulation system before a ‘’vascular accident’’ causing heart attack, stroke or gangrene occurs. Any unexplained persistent symptom regarding your heart, head or limb should be explored. Keep in mind that your liver and kidneys are vital as your heart. Ask your doctor to check their function.

Patients frequently report reduction or elimination or symptoms and increased sense of well being. Family and friend may be the first to notice and report changes in appearance, behaviour and performance. The most common remark is ‘’…you are looking 10 years younger!’’. Medical check-ups before, during and after Chelation provide objective evidence of treatment effectiveness. Like any other medical treatment, some people may not response adequately or not response the same to the therapy although non-responders are very low percentage. Proper monitoring by the attending doctor therefore required.

Any licensed physician may legally administer this treatment. Only trained and experienced doctors should administer Chelation Therapy.

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