ECP is performed at many prestigious heart centres in the world.

This system is performed at more than 800 locations throughout the U.S. in the year 2005, as well as around the world. Thereafter more and more locations throughout the U.S., as well as around the world, including: Argentina, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.The centres offering the service increase exponentially due to effectiveness of the procedure, non-invasive and devoid of any complication.

Here is a partial list of U.S. facilities that perform ECP:

  • Christ Hospital and Medical Ctr.
  • Univ. of California at San Diego
  • Texas Heart Institute
  • Univ. of California at San Francisco
  • JFK Medical Center, Atlantis, FL
  • Univ. of Florida at Gainesville
  • Kaiser Permanente of Denver
  • Univ. of New York at Stony Brook
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • The Cleveland Clinic
  • Beth Israel Medical Center, NY City
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center
  • The Ochsner Foundation Hospital
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Virginia
  • The Miami Heart Institute



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