H.S, 55 year old. In 2008 he had severe chest pain, no less than 10 times in one day. The chest pain exacerbated by even minimal exertion or at rest without warning. Resting ECG showed I failed at six out of twelve leads ECG. ECG, failed in Lead II, III, aVF, V4, V5, V6 Angiogram procedure confirmed the blockage at five places of three coronary arteries, 99%, 100%, 80%, 90%, 80%. (Refer to the sketch by cardiologist).

Hussin sidek










He had no option but open heart surgery. However he refused because he believed that he may die during or right after operation. He was treated with chelation therapy and ECP as recommended following the protocol. He had tremendous improvement whereby he had so much reduce frequency and severity of angina right after first treatment and continue to improve day by day.

ECG after the treatment.

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Resting ECG showed normalized in all the failed six out of twelve leads ECG.

After treatment

His ECG was normalized and three months after completed the course of treatment, Cardio-Cartho-Graph(CCG), a non-invasive test was done. The result surprised everybody where the narrowing were only 3.9%, 2.1% and 4.3%. (Refer to the result below). He was able to do light and medium exertion exercise, form unable to walk more than 50 feet, he can walk for miles and can climb multi-stories stairs. It’s been five years (at the time of the writing) that he by-passed the by-pass surgery.

Hussin Sidek 5

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