If you are busy and hard to make time for an appointment with the doctor, feel free to talk with our doctors online. It’s so easy you just fill in the below form and done ! Let the doctors do the rest. Note that this service is only for online. For example, you want to get second opinion on alternative of heart bypass surgery then our doctor can explain in detail what to do and what we can help you.

Why you can trust our free medical consultation?

  • Its 100% Free of Charge
  • Private, anonymous consults
  • Detailed answers
  • Unlimited question for the doctors
  • Get second opinion
  • Personalized answers from doctors
  • You can get answer through email and even whatsapp ! Its your choice

Your question will be answered during office hours, though we will try our best to answer your question as soon as possible.

What should you include in your question to the doctor(s)?

We recommend starting with issue that is worrying you and how it is affecting you. To answer your questions following information would help the Doctors.

  • What is your problem?
  • Any information that you can describe in detail

Your conversation with the doctors is using email until you have all the answers. You can ask free follow-up questions and also add more details or upload files after the doctor has replied.

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