Hancke C, Flytlie K. of Denmark did a study on Benefits of EDTA chelation therapy on atherosclerosis: A retrospective study of 470 patients. Journal of Advancement in Medicine. 1993;6(3):161-171. Hancke and Flytlie measured improvements using a several different criteria in a series of 470 patients who were followed for six years following chelation therapy. Of 265 patients with coronary artery disease and narrowing of the blood vessels to the heart, they reported improvement in 90 percent. Sixty-five of those patients had been referred for bypass surgery before chelation. After treatment, 58 of the bypass candidates improved so dramatically that they avoided the surgeon’s knife. Among the 207 angina patients using nitroglycerin to control their pain, 189 were able to reduce their consumption. Most discontinued its use altogether. In the study here is that out of 27 patients awaiting foot or leg amputation, 24 avoided surgery.

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