For heart disease, there is an available alternative to open heart bypass, stenting or ballooning.

Before we discuss alternative treatment for coronary artery disease let us briefly discuss the so-called conventional heart disease treatment.

There are three approaches to heart disease treatment:

1. Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation (ECP), new technology, FDA approved. See summary and Q & A for ECP.

2. Chelation therapy - an alternative therapy. Alternative to open heart by-pass, ballooning or stenting.

See the evidence and statistic for the success of the treatment. It is endorsed by Linus Pauling, Nobel Peace Prize winner in chemistry. Read his foreword in Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy.

3. Modify all modifiable factors - causative factors as well as associative factors.

There are 34 associative factors, 3 out of 34 factors are non-modifiable. Cholesterol is NOT the cause, it is only an innocent by-stander. Cholesterol theory has a very serious short-coming. What are the evidence?

All cause mortality so much increase when cholesterol is lowered as in MRFIT study.

We must differentiate between causation and association.

Don't be misled, get the true picture. The result consistent with international data, that is 90% reversal of blocked arteries with objective testing.

See some typical results patient 1.

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