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In March 2003, I had episodes of light-headedness and tight chest, stress test was done but inconclusive. Angiogram was done at a University Hospital, there were four coronary arteries blocked, 50%, 90%, 75% and 52%. I was planned for open heart surgery or coronary artery by-pass graft at IJN and waiting list was three months. While waiting for open heart by-pass I underwent 20 sessions chelation therapy. There was tremendous improvement in my physical endurance and no more tightness of chest on exertion. Repeat test for my heart in October 2003 showed only reduce flow by 1%, 2.5% and 3%. 10 years later, April 2013, my heart still in very good conditions. For 10 years I by-passed the by-pass surgery.

Rusli Zakaria Chelation Therapy

I am 62 years old. I was diagnosed 3 coronary artery blockage by CT angiogram, total calcification was 946 equivalent to 89 years old. Following treatment with EECP and Chelation Therapy my ischemia score by MCG was "0". I am very happy with the treatment outcome. My heart biological age is equivalent to 39 years old.

Samuel (Not Real Name) MCG Test, Chelation Therapy, EECP

I have chest pain for the past 3 months and afraid of conventional angiogram. My MCG ischemia score was 7.1, fortunately it involves right coronary artery. I chose to undergo EECP and Chelation Therapy.

Saadon (Not Real Name) MCG Test
I had one episode of chest tightness. Conventional angiogram detected significant coronary artery blockage in 5 places, 3 of which are at the branches of left coronary artery. I was scheduled for open heart bypass. I did MCG, the score was mild, only 3.8 and involves right coronary artery. No significant ischemia at the area supplied by left main coronary artery therefore there must be a lot of small collateral vessel supporting. I decided to postpone the surgery and undergo non-invasive treatment as well as factors and lifestyle modification. Interestingly, after 3 months of treatment. My MCG score turns out to be ZERO! I am becoming more active and can finish a hiking without any discomfort or pain.
Ismail (Not Real Name)

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