Are your medications working for you? What are the side effects of your medications? Is your dose correct?

Two people can take the same dose of the same drug but response varies in different ways. For example, the drug might work very well for one person but not at all for another.

Now there is a simple genetic test that can help you determine which drugs and doses are right for you.

Benefits of this test are :

  • save the patient time and money
  • improve the effectiveness of medications you take
  • prevent harmful medication side effects
  • minimize the risk of overdose
  • stop wasting money on prescriptions that don’t work
  • reduce treatment failure
  • prescribe with more confidence
  • ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME.Because your genetics doesn’t change.


The vast majority of people have differences in their DNA that impact how they metabolize drugs, which may increase their likelihood of having an adverse drug reaction or side effects.

Patients who are recommended taking this test are :

  • Starting any new medication
  • Experiencing unwanted side effects from any medication
  • On chronic pain medication and/or antidepressants
  • Taking two or more medications
  • Diagnosed with complex chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes
  • On medications with possible risk of blood clots
  • Preparing for a surgical procedure
  • Currently taking Plavix or Coumadin
  • Taking certain statin drugs or are candidates for such drugs


Medications aren’t one size fits all. Historically, doctors have not had the data and insight to personalize treatments, until now.

We must get to the facts that every year millions of adverse drug events (ADEs) are reported and many of them are severe.

ADEs are the fourth leading cause of death, after heart disease, cancer, and stroke in the United States.

Available research shows that much of the variability observed in patient responses to the drug is a result of genetics.

This test will help to reduce or even eliminate unwanted side effects that may happen if you taking certain drugs.

How do I take the test?

If you want to take this test. These are just simple steps needed :

  1. Our doctor collects a DNA sample by painlessly swabbing the inside of your cheek
  2. The sample will be sent to the United States for analysis
  3. Your result will be ready in approximately 2 weeks
  4. Doctor will discuss with you in detail based on your result
  5. Doctor will adjust medication based on your genetics and what suits you

This painless, simple and non-invasive test is now available at our clinic.

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