Chelation therapy is known to work through well understood scientific principles. In fact this treatment helps to address some of the basic reasons why we develop chronic illnesses later in life. One of the most important breakthrough of the last century was the discovery that diseases related to the aging process are cause largely by over-abundance of toxic substances known as free radicals. Here is a common example of free radical damage, a fresh apple is cut open and exposed to the air, in a few minutes the apples turn brown from free radical damage.

Damage cause by free radical requires oxygen and is known as oxidation. Because our blood stream is full of oxygen, free radical damage occurs very readily through the process of oxidation.

Chelation therapy removed heavy metal and ions that blocked all kind of good minerals at the intended sites. There are 55 minerals and trace element required by our system. Common to what we understood are calcium where it is believed required c0-factor to 800 enzymes, zinc Р400 enzymes, magnesium Р500 enzymes  just to name a few. Chelation therapy remove highly positive charge atoms or molecules that responsible in slowing down enzymes. Most important enzymes are anti-oxidant enzymes. Enzymes reduce activation energy by 10 fold to 10,000 fold. Activation energy is minimum energy required for a chemical process to occur.

There are so many benefits form chelation therapy whereas understood mechanism cannot totally explain the observed benefits.


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